​​PARTAYGARAGE was just the solution I needed.  I'm a personal trainer with a studio gym in my garage and needed a way to keep heat in and cold out during our cold winters while enabling people to enter at ease.  Partay garage performs above expectations and only took me 15 minutes to install!

Tim Gym

Meadville, Pennsylvania

​​​​​​​MAN CAVE
Hey Mr. Paul, I got one of your PARTAYGARAGES from you.   I was giving you a heads up that I've had a number of friends over and they admired the PARTAY setup so they will probably be giving you a call to get their own.  'Just letting you know that I'm enjoying it very much and passing the word for you about the comfortable fun, friends and I have when we're in my PARTAYGARAGE.
Paul Ramos
Houston, Texas

We had a huge problem with the mosquitoes this past summer.  The West Nile Virus was rampant in the DFW area and could be Deadly.  You did not want to be outside in the evenings for fear of getting bitten by the bugs.  Unfortunately, the Grandkids did not see it that way.  Our solution was to open up the garage door with the PARTAYGARAGE on and the kids felt like they were outside, but were mostly protected from the mosquitoes.  Otherwise it would have been "We Can't Play Outside Tonight?" ...and that would not have gone over well. 
Thanks PARTAYGARAGE for the Playful and Safe Summer of 2012.
Ned Thornley  Southlake, Texas

Doug Stewart from Booze News Blogs  ~  "Anytime you spell “party” as “par-tay” you have my attention. Pretty much distinguishes you as a next-level par-tay-urrrr"  Check out Booze News ~ www.boozenews.com

Hey man, We finally got the PARTAY up and running.  It was an easy install. ‘Handed out a lot of cards.  The trailer, tricked out with the PARTAYGARAGE Door, was full all day, with folks wanting to get warm.
This thing rocks!
Scotty Graybill Garrettsville, Ohio

Both sides of the family coming over to celebrate and a limited amount of entertaining space.
Solution, PARTAY GARAGE, ~ set up extra tables, chairs, and Christmas tree in 72 degree air conditioned comfort; while outside temps. were in the upper 80's.   All drinks, appetizers, and desserts were set-up where accidents are easily cleaned up; with small children and teenagers attending, the house was saved. Thank You PARTAY GARAGE!
Kevin Chema
Pearland, Texas

I purchased a PARTAY setup for my 2 garage doors and could not be happier.  I like to work on my vintage cars in the cool A/C and with the PARTAY Garage I can do it without feeling like I am all by myself.  Also, when a covered and air conditioned space is needed for just about anything this let's me do it with minimal effort.  I highly suggest one of these for anyone who spends time in their garage.
Jason S.
Houston, Texas

I love cigars, but I hate stale cigar smoke in my house.  The PARTAY GARAGE allows me to turn my garage into a smoking room during inclement weather.  I watched many a college football game last year with a good maduro when it was cold and rainy.  Also, my carpenter was able to work in my garage on new cabinets without worrying about the weather thanks to PARTAY GARAGE.  I've added versatility to my garage at a minimal cost, and that's before I've even thrown a single party.
Jerry Wood
Houston, Texas

The Partay Garage walk through design allows me to easily enter and exit the garage without dumping all the air-conditioning out the overhead door. I use it when working on motorcycles and other garage projects AND when we need to additional air-conditioned space at our home. Clever design, easy to install, quick to put up and simple to store.
Daniel Allford
Houston, Texas

Ned is from Chicago and missed the basement cellar he had there when growing up.  In our Dallas (Lake Grapevine) home I decorated the garage to look like a cellar and added Cooling and Heating.  Ned added his Trap set, Pool Table, Beer Box etc. so our garage became his cellar.  PARTAY  GARAGE gave a whole new outdoor dimension to the cellar. Now, when we entertain, the garage extends outside and lets us enjoy a blend of indoor comfort with outdoor fun.   Additionally, our laundry room is in the garage and with PARTAY GARAGE I can leave the door up and fold/sort clothes in comfort, with fabulous Natural Light.  It is true, you never leave the Party with PARTAY GARAGE!
June Thornley
Grapevine, Texas

Our garage had gradually turned from a place to park our vehicles into a store room.  We wanted to clean it but the Houston heat and humidity did not lend itself to being in a garage for long during the day.  At night the mosquitoes had a feast.  A fan just blew the dust around with more hot, humid air.  The PARTAY GARAGE was the answer.  With the PARTAY GARAGE we were able to turn our garage into a cool, well lit, bug-free workroom day or night.  No more excuses!  We can now use our garage as an actual garage instead of a storage facility.  What a concept!  It’s also good to be able to open the garage door without embarrassment.
Mike Stewart
Houston, Texas

We like to entertain at our place in the country.  Unfortunately in Texas it was too hot for people to use the ping pong table and other games in the garage during the summer until we discovered PARTAY GARAGE.  With PARTAY GARAGE we can now use the games year round.  The folks at PARTAY GARAGE were also able to copy the artwork on the thermal barrier to match the artwork on our front gate and it looks great.
Ken Valach
Houston, Texas