Frequently asked questions

​​​​​Does the installation kit include an instruction manual?

Yes, a detailed instruction sheet is included with every kit.  

Are larger size doors available?

Yes, most garage door sizes are available on this site. Contact us if you have questions about larger sizing.

Can you leave the panels up all the time?

You can, but PARTAY does not suggest that you do. The extra exposure can cause damage over time.

Are the panels weather resistant?

Yes, they withstand heat, cold, moisture and the headers are clear anodized aluminum the same material as outdoor aluminum windows.  Panels are treated for UV light ~ the light blue tint is that protection. 

Do the strips blow around in the wind?

In stronger winds, the strips will blow around.  However with panels only mounted on one wall, cross wind doesn't happen that much to cause flapping of the panels.  If windy conditions are the norm, you can install optional wind weights to solve this problem. 

How much do PARTAY GARAGE panels weigh?

Full-size 50” panels 7 foot tall weigh 22 lbs. Half-size 26” panels weigh 11 lbs.  8 foot tall panels are 24 & 12 lbs respectively.