Plastic Strip Curtains for FL Homeowners



Whether you need to convert your garage into a gym, entertainment space, or temporary party room, our plastic strip curtains are the solution. At Partay Garage, we offer high-quality garage door curtains for FL homeowners. Our products are easy to install and take down, and work well for a variety of purposes. Learn more below.

Advantages of Plastic Strip Curtains Over Screens

If you’ve used garage screen doors in the past, you are aware of their limitations. For starters, these screens can be inconvenient to open and close. They also don’t offer much protection against Florida’s heat. If you’re looking for a garage screen door replacement, or shopping for your first screen, choose our plastic strip curtains instead.

Made of durable PVC, these curtains can be assembled in minutes, as they come in pre-assembled panels - no parts or strips to mess with! Once set up, the curtains still allow people to walk in and out of the garage easily. The curtains also keep bugs, wind, rain, and hot air out while trapping cool air and allowing natural light inside your garage.

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When you want to take them down, the curtain panels stack compactly away from the door opening, on storage hooks provided, using very little storage space.  Because these panels are removable, no parking is sacrificed due to door obstruction.  Partay Garage Screen doors have no tracks to clog with debris or damage easily with auto traffic.  They too don't rely on any type of roll up motors etc. which easily jam and malfunction.  Conventional screens damage easily where plastic strip curtains survive any kind of impact.

Uses for Plastic Strip Curtains

  Our walk-through, see-through curtains are ideal for a wide range of uses, including:

  • Entertainment space
  • Greenhouse
  • Home gym
  • Meeting room
  • Temporary party room
  • Woodworking shop
  • Auto restoration/repair
  • Sliding Glass & French Door openings

We offer panels for most standard garage door sizes (see our shop section). If you need a larger size, contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

For more information, call (713) 628-5554, or order plastic strip curtains online, and we’ll ship them to your FL residence.