Air Conditioned Tent rental Alternatives


Air conditioned tent rental can be a great way to add extra space for an event where the space can come to you and you don’t have to travel to it.  Rental tents come in many shapes and sizes.  One can place them on driveways, in back or front yards, in parks (with proper approval) and on parking lots, just to name a few spaces.  They can be equipped with sufficient air conditioning to keep the inside cool even with the added body heat load of all the event participants.  Adequate power must be available and if not, the rental companies can provide power generators.  Air conditioned tent rentals are commonly seen at conventions with outdoor show space, festivals where possibly some vendors or organizing offices are inside, weddings and so forth.

There are drawbacks to air conditioned tents rentals.  First is the cost.  It typically costs $1.50 per square foot for temporary air conditioning (tent not included).  For example, a 20 by 25 foot space (500 sq. feet) will cost at least $ 750 just to rent the AC. The tent will be another $350-500 with pickup and delivery.  The AC requires significant 220V power which is not available at homes where the event is planned.  Therefore the additional cost of a generator is required taking more space and sometimes can be quite noisy.  Access in and out for guests can too be quite confining as many times a double set of doors is used to trap conditioned air losses from escaping the tent.  Weather can play havoc with a tent as well.  Rain can soak the ground all around the tent, making the outside muddy and dragging the mess inside the tent, not to mention a windy storm can even damage the tent structure.

The garage is an excellent candidate for as an alternative for air conditioned tent rental. First 

of all, the garage with cars removed, takes place of the tent.  This structure extremely sound is comparison to a tent.  It too has drainage around 

it already designed so puddle mess/mud is never a problem.  Easy access to the outdoors can be

provided by a temporary strip door.

Along with the strip door a low cost air conditioning means with the power of 220 volts but easily adapts to any home’s electric dryer socket.  Air conditioned tent rental alternatives offered are a superior solution 

with total system from some suppliers starting at $ 250 for a 24 hour period.