Snow Day Activities Maximizing Outdoor Fun

It is winter time, and one of the most loved and hated announcement comes from the school saying classes have canceled, due to snow.  This leaves mom and dad struggling to find solutions, especially for kids getting outside for snow day activities, uninterrupted.  Typically mom and/or dad will have to spend a little time to rearrange Temporary Strip Door Illustration their days, during which, the kids are getting into mischief.  Eventually it is time for the kids to get out and burn off some of the pent up energy. 

So then begins the time taking process of bundling up with all the snow gear.   Off into the snow they go.  Possibly some neighbor kids join them and the snow day activities get off to a roaring start.  Shortly though, typically no more than an hour, the cold catches up with the children and back into the house they come, requiring a total dismantle of bundling up process.  This process can be such an ordeal that the remainder of snow day activities will be inside.

These inside snow day activities will no doubt include some idle video game playing, TV watching, etc. which again will not vent the bottled up energy that may lead to mischief.

Climate curtain or strip door providers offer the parents a solution to allow for snow day activities, uninterrupted.   When it’s time for the kids to go outside, mom or dad can move the cars out to the drive or street, pop up the temporary strip door, turn on the heat, put a TV in the garage (easy with wireless technology).  Now the kids are free to go out in the cold and back into the warm without unbundling.  Mom can bring out snacks/lunch as required, and the snow day activities, uninterrupted, go on all day long!  After a long fun time outside the kids can retreat to indoor snow day activities, somewhat spent of their energy and mischievous ways.