How to Make a Boy scout or Girl scout room

Scouting is a well-known learning, growth and fun activity for both boys and girls.  Most of all the work, planning, and preparation for scouting is done by volunteers, usually parents.  Not only do they volunteer their time but the volunteer their homes for Den and Patrol meetings.  These meetings can often have a number of adults volunteering and/or accompanying their own scouts.  Projects often are craft projects with painting/gluing/woodworking all of which can make quite a mess inside someone’s home.  It is desirable then to provide a place for these activities that will minimize collateral damage to a home and provide a place where kids can be kids.  The garage is a prime candidate for such a place. How to make a scout room in a garage and offer a safe/comfortable place can be somewhat perplexing as garages typically store cars and yard equipment and may not provide a pleasant atmosphere. 

 Some garages may have cabinets to store away items, however lawn movers, bicycles, BBQs, some tools may be too large to store away.  Simple solution to this is to install some cosmetic curtains that can be pulled over the large items to get them out of sight and mind for the meeting.  These can be done a number of different ways. One method uses shower curtains with suspended PVC pipes, simulating curtain rods. 

Next additional lighting may be required as many garages are dimly lit with only the lights associated with the garage door opener.  Good lighting is a must for projects.  Safety too is a concern, and proper access to exit the garage must be in place.  Climate control may too be required as garages are not typically cooled or heated.   This can be accomplished with electric space or individual natural gas heaters, and for cooling, window or portable air conditioners.  Power requirements will have to be taken under consideration as well.  

 How to make a scout room in a garage, simple and low cost, plus providing most previously mentioned features is accomplished with the use of a temporary climate or strip door system.  Adding a climate and bug controlling door, solves the problems of lighting/access/safety/climate control plus eliminates any claustrophobia the scouts may have of being cooped up inside.  

 All meeting participants, youth and adults remain comfortable and can concentrate on their projects without concern of the weather.  Scouts can too be kids and one’s house is spared of the mess.  Transitioning the meeting to some form of outdoor physical activity becomes a breeze.