Kids' Party Ideas - No House Mess

 Kids’ party ideas are always fun and challenging things to come up with, especially ones that don’t wreak havoc with your home.  Usually these activities move outdoors where house mess is mitigated.  Some of the best parties are Pool Parties, Game Parties, Slide Parties, Big Screen Outdoor Movies, Water Balloon Wars, just to name a few.   These can all be enhanced with Inflated Slides or Jungle Gyms.  Throw in some Silly String or Shaving Cream to the mix, keeping it all outside, can generate the best kids’ party ideas without house mess. 

Great fun can be had with paper and glue type crafts.  Kids’ party ideas can include making paper play rifles/pistols in all shapes.  Gluing together army helmets, ammo vests etc.  Cut, paste and/or tape with multicolor construction paper can bring out the best creativity where there is no limit to what can be fabricated.  Another great crafting tool is PVC pipe and fittings.  Popular, simple and fun pvc assemblies are marshmallow guns which can lead to hours of crazy harmless battles.  Kids’ party ideas, like the marshmallow guns, are easily found on the Web.

The Hot Summers do however take their toll on the guests.  Additionally others (aka adults) tend not to join outside as the heat and humidity can be brutal.   There are ways to somewhat reduce the effect of the scorching conditions such as using fans or misting blowers.  These, however, do little for heat, humidity, and bugs.  This is where a temporary strip door system, be it installed or rented, really comes into play.  Kids’ party ideas without house mess can now be enjoyed in comfort as a garage is temporarily air conditioned.  The walk thru climate and bug controlling door allows for easy access to all the outdoor activities.  The additional “others” mentioned above, too can join in the fun as inside the garage comfortable seating, to observe all the craziness indoor and out, is easily arranged.  Best of all, the kids’ party ideas all stay outside and the mess never comes in the house!  After the party is over, the temporary system stores away and cars can go back into the garage.   A temporary strip door system is the ultimate for kids’ party ideas without house mess.