How to Enclose a Patio Temporarily

 Patios, outdoor kitchens, decks, covered overhangs are great extensions to the home.  These add an outdoor dimension to a home that can be enjoyed by all.  Typically they are extensions of the home where the house can be accessed close by or they can be detached being somewhat removed say as a free standing gazebo.  These structures or extensions can be furnished with weatherproof chairs, tables, swings, stools in whatever geometry best fits the patio and the way in which it is use. The weather however is not always cooperative for comfortable use of patios and patio structures. Enclosing a  patio temporarily is accomplished through a number of different means with varying costs to do such.  In hot weather, ceiling fans or mist fans can be used to artificially induce a cooling breeze.  These do little for humidity and misting can be messy.  Cool weather propane/butane radiant heaters can be place near tables to locally keep the nip in the air from being too much of a pest.  Such heaters are limited the colder it gets. Paneled or glass covered patios are a considerably more expensive solution but they do allow for a better containment of either cooling or heating.  These techniques to temporarily enclose a patio can be more advantageous by providing a number of passages for access to various points of interest in the yard.  Even with a number of passages, these types of enclosures can still be limiting on functional access as they require the users to constantly open/close the passages to retain the comfort of either the cool or heat.  The glass type enclosures too are susceptible to damage from accidental pedestrian collision and projectiles such as balls, darts, or kids on bikes to name a few. ​ 

 A product such as temporary mounted climate/strip curtains can provide a flexible, very low cost way, how to temporarily enclose a patio with easy, safe and durable access.  The modular PVC strip door panels attached to simple mounting means that stay with the patio but are virtually invisible.  Panels can be stored away when the covered patio area is not in use.   When the weather is agreeable the panels remain stored, preserving their life and cleanliness.  Should the weather be hot or cold the panels easily attach and provide a climate and bug controlling barrier.  This barrier allows access throughout its complete length with no designated entry points. Additionally, accidental pedestrian and projectile collisions are a non-issue as the panels can absorb such impact and relax back into position.  The temporary panels can cope into virtually any with opening with a mix/match of standard panels with built in overlap.  Enclosed patio panels too can be moved to different openings, such as a garage for alternate uses.