How to Divide a Garage not using walls


How to divide a garage is a question that many homeowners ask especially when they have 3 or 4 car garages and want to utilize some of the space for functions not exclusive to parking.   Many times a wall is constructed between garage bays and utilizes conventional interior doors.  One or both sides of the now separated garage may be climate controlled with separate climate control means from that of the house.  This separate space is used for a shop, hobby room, model train room, mechanics room, man cave, kids rooms, plant nursery. 
If one chooses how to divide a garage in a manner per the above, it can become a limiting factor as to ease of access between bays.  Car parking can become congested due to the encroachment of storage of items now confined within more walls.  Resale is an especially hindering problem as many times the prospective purchasers want a garage without interruptions and easy access all around.   They too may envision a garage divided in a different fashion that what was done, thus the sale may be lost.

How to divide a garage not using walls, plus be an easily removable so as not to lose a potential purchaser, has been addressed with the use of temporary climate/strip curtains.

 ​​This solution is to use off the shelf angle brackets, easily accessed at a hardware or lumber store.  Choose brackets with adequate ceiling drop to allow for a header to be attached on bottom.  This can create a furrow down which allows for ease of attachment.  On the bottom of the furrow down temporarily mounted panels can be attached to provide a climate controlling barrier that allows easy access between bays of the garage

 Additionally these panels can be temporarily attached to the front of one of the garage bays and the complete garage can then be climate and bug controlled form the outside elements.​